1. I followed the directions and ingredients exactly and there is no way that “frosting” will stay on the cake. It was watery and pourable. I whipped it untilthe cows came home. Still a loose consistency. I took 2 more blocks of cream cheese, some confectioners sugar and whipped it up and added it to just half the recipe of the the original “frosting.” Still a loose consistency. Tried sticking it in the freezer for a half hour. No luck. I slathered it on the cake best I could but there is no way to pipe this “frosting.” Is it possible there is a typo in that recipe? Four cups of whipping cream seems like way too much.

    1. Author

      Hi Amy,
      Make sure you were using heavy whipping cream. Also, it is key to have the whipping cream very cold so it will whip properly. Keep it in the fridge until the last minute when you are ready to add it. Before I whip heavy cream I sometimes even freeze the bowl and the wire whip.

  2. I made this for a wedding shower at work yesterday and got rave reviews. One woman even said it was the best cake she ever ate. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Katie,
      Thanks for your note. I’m glad to hear that!

  3. How can I make this a 2 layer round cake?

    1. Author

      Hi, this is a generous recipe and will make more than two round 8-inch layers. You can either bake two layers first, then bake the excess batter as cupcakes, or use a smaller recipe such as the recipe in the Strawberry Cream Cake post. It’s not as generous as the recipe for this Strawberry Hearts Cake, so if you use two 8 or 9-inch round pans, you will still end with a little extra for cupcakes. Hope that helps.

      1. Is it possible to maybe half the recipe? Thank you for the quick response!

      2. Author

        Hi, yes, it is possible to halve the recipe. You would use just regular round cake pans instead of the sheet pans.

      3. Thank you!!!

  4. I am in love with your cakes!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Pamela!

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