1. I’m looking to makes a 60th birthday cake for someone who can only tolerate a max of 3g fat per 100g do you have any suggestions as the cupcakes look amazing

    1. Author

      Hi Alison,
      This frosting would be ok, but the cupcakes do have fat in them. Chiffon cupcakes would probably work. Just take any chiffon cake recipe and bake it as cupcakes instead.

  2. Could liquid honey replace the golden syrup?

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      Hi Sophie,
      That’s a good question. I haven’t tried replacing the corn syrup with honey. That’s something I’ll have to try out first to know for sure. I will do a test some time if I get a chance. Thank you for the note.

  3. Great post! My dad has to eat an extremely low-fat diet but loves chocolate. I have a great chocolate cake recipe but have been looking for a fluffy (not runny!) frosting recipe. Any ideas on how I can make your frosting chocolate without compromising the fluffiness?

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      Hi Stephanie,
      For this type of meringue frosting, the key to achieving maximum volume is to make sure your egg whites are separated cleanly from the yolks without the slightest trace of yolk in them. Also, you have to make sure your bowl and beaters are very clean with no residue of fat. Bear in mind that weather can also be a factor. Hot and humid weather can affect the fluffiness of the frosting. It is still possible as I’ve done it a couple of times when the weather was hot, but you just have to whip the egg whites well with a good stand mixer.

  4. Hi! Gorgeous cupcakes! I have an annual order for fat-free cupcakes for a little boy who can’t digest fats. This topping looks yummmmmmy! What could I do with the leftover frosting? Freeze/refrigerate/ toss out?

    1. Author

      Hi Rabia,
      This type of frosting is best used immediately soon after it’s made. I use the whole batch and don’t keep any leftovers.

  5. Hi,
    I love your blog & cooking! =)
    Especially this one! =)
    I have a question,
    I would like to use the white cake recipe to bake a cake and use this amazing fat-free frosting recipe to put on the cake.
    I’m not very familiar with cups. Do you may have any idea of how the cake would turn out? (could I bake more than one cake using this recipe)?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Author

      Hi Romy,
      You can bake a 3-layer 8″ round cake out of the cake recipe and the cake will come out fairly tall. If you want to bake more than one cake, you can use smaller pans, maybe 7″ or 6″ round pans, divide the batter into 4 and you will have enough layers to make 2 cakes with 2 layers each.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. You have helped very much. =) I have one other question (I just noticed) What kind of sugar did you use? (confectioners or granulated sugar)
        Thank you

      2. Author

        Hi Romy,
        Granulated sugar.

  6. Can I add raspberry jam into the icing to give it a fruity flavour? or would it mess up the icing?

    1. Author

      Hi Holly,
      I haven’t tried adding jam to this type of frosting. I have a feeling the jam might deflate it. Instead, you might want to try adding some kind of fruit extract such as orange or cherry.

  7. finally found a recipe thats fat free! just a qn though, will it work if i cut the sugar in half as my family doesnt really like sweet stuff.

    1. Author

      Hi Yin,
      I haven’t tried cutting the sugar in half, but I would guess it would still come out ok. I would think you would also have to adjust the proportions of the other ingredients.

  8. Hi,
    These cupcakes look beautiful and delicious.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.
    I had 1 question though can we substitute sugar free for the sugar in the recipe or what are the options to decrease the amount of sugar used?

    1. Author

      Hi Tracy,
      Thanks for the note. I haven’t tried sugar substitutes with any of my recipes so I can’t really say for sure. You’ll just have to experiment. As for reducing the amount of regular sugar, it might be possible to reduce it by 1/4 cup but again, this is something I have yet to try.

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your reply i had one more question for you
        does the frosting loose its shape or deflates after being applied on cupcakes what is the best way to store it.

      2. Author

        Hi Tracy,
        The frosting will hold after it is piped on the cupcakes. When I make these cupcakes they are either consumed or I give them away on the same day, so I haven’t had to think about storing them. But I would say just keep them in a cake dome.

      3. Will the icing need to be refrigerated?

      4. Author

        Hi Robin,
        The icing is best used immediately. I’ve left the cupcakes out at room temperature for several hours. They’ve always been consumed within the day, so I’ve never had to worry about storage. But if I had left overs, I would store them in a plastic cupcake container and refrigerate.

  9. I love your cupcakes!!!
    I really want to trie them, but I have got one question…1cup much in gram?
    thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Julia, apologies, I should’ve weighed the ingredients for the benefit of those who bake by weight. Over here, baking is usually done by measuring the ingredients by volume, i.e., cup, teaspoon. I will include the weight next time, whenever I can. Meantime, if you are able to purchase measuring cups and spoons that would enable you to follow any type of recipe that’s measured by volume. Regards!

    2. 1 cup all-purpose white flour equals 128 g or 4.5 oz.

  10. These look really lovely, think I may have a go! The colours are beautiful

    1. Author

      Thanks, Angela.

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      Hi! Your blog is nice and I like the idea of healthy cupcakes.

  12. So very pretty! Look at all those colors!

    Julia | JuliasAlbum.com
    1. Author

      Thanks, Julia!

  13. Any idea how long this frosting would be stable? If I made it for, say, a potluck and it would sit on a table for a few hours, would it be okay, or would it be a dripping mess by the time dessert is served? Very intrigued… thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Holly,

      I would say it would be pretty stable for a few hours. It is soft compared to regular buttercream, so it doesn’t crust. If you have to transport them, you would have to be careful because this frosting doesn’t harden. I wouldn’t pipe the frosting so high if the cupcakes would have to be transported. If you do decide to try it, let me know how it turns out if you get a chance. Thanks!

  14. Those look amazing, and I’m dying to try that frosting.

    Can you replace the coconut milk in the cake recipe with whole/regular milk? I don’t usually have coconut milk on hand.

    1. Author

      Hi Natalie,

      Yes, I haven’t tried the recipe with whole milk, but I would think it would work too.

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  15. Your cupcakes look absolutely gorgeous!

    Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen
    1. Author

      Thanks, Rosie!

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