1. I love your green plates and the white/blue/green edge plates! Where are they from?

    1. Author

      Hi Deb,
      I love vintage so I usually find things in antique stores. The plates with the blue edges are vintage. The green plates are new and I might have bought them in Pier One.

      1. I also love your tea pot and cutlery – are they from Pier One too?

      2. Author

        Hi Carina,
        I think I got the tea pot from Bed Bath and Beyond. The flatware is vintage from an antique store.

  2. Can I use melted butter instead of cooking spray to grease the pan? Also on the picture you put the pan on top of a rack and not directly on the larger pan? Do we have to do that? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Jessica,
      Yes, you can coat your pan with melted butter and give it a light even dusting of flour. As for the rack, you don’t really need that. I used it because it’s part of the roasting pan that I used for the water bath.

  3. I love your recipe I’m a beginner and I want to make this to be my business One question, what kind of milk do you use? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Claire,
      I use fresh cow’s milk, and I’ve tried it with skim milk and also with whole milk and they both work.

  4. Is softsilk flour considered as cake flour?

    1. Author

      Hi Elk,
      Yes, it is.

  5. Hi! Your cake looked SO good..I made it exactly as instructed. Mine also raised rounded and cracked. I do have a thermometer so temp sholdn’t be an issue. But I do have a gas stove….so is the bottom rack baking causing this? Why does a 5 degree drop in temp for the last 10″ really make a difference? I haven’t tasted it yet but it does look nice and puffy …it is in the final hour rest stage in the oven.

    1. Author

      Hi Helene,
      Make sure the water in your bain marie doesn’t dry out. Baking it in the bottom rack will ensure the cheesecake doesn’t get too dark. Yes, the gradual decrease in temperature worked at least for me.

  6. Thank you so much for posting the recipe. I have made the cake twice. The cake is delicious. However, both times the bottom 1/4 inch is dense. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelly,
      No, that is not normal. The cake should be fluffy all throughout. Make sure your water is hot when you pour it into the water bath.

  7. I wonder how long will i wait to transfer the cake.. ive done your recipe 4-5x the taste was absolutely delicious my daughter always cant wait to eat.. my big prblm is i cannot transfer the cake perfectly from pan to plate. I always end up on presenting my cake on upside down. I tried to cool down the cake still failed the top (brown) sticks on the plate

    1. Author

      Hi May,
      Once you take out the pan from the oven, just wait about 5-10 minutes. Flip the cake onto a plate so that it’s upside down, then immediately flip it again onto your actual serving plate so that it’s right side up.

  8. This cake looks delicious. Are there any high altitude directions?

    1. Author

      Hi Vicky,
      That’s something that would have to be tested since it’s not high altitude where I live.

  9. This looks amazing and I am so excited to try it. Would it still come out good if I left out the lemon juice?

    1. Author

      Hi Kim,
      I’ve always made it with lemon juice so it’s hard to tell if it will be as good without.

  10. Can you replace the lemon with vanilla or almond extract.

    1. Author

      Hi Dottie,
      I would think you could, though I’ve never tried it. You’ll get a different flavor.

  11. Hello! I don’t have cream of tartar. What could I substitute it with please?

    1. Author

      Hi Julie,
      Try substituting it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

  12. Thanks for the recipe , and I am going to make it tomorrow , and i have A question you oven is the type with fan or regular electronic oven ?

    1. Author

      Hi, it’s just a regular electric oven that doesn’t have a fan.

  13. Hi! = )

    Have you ever tried a gluten free version of that cake? I’d love to try it, but I have to eat gluten free. :/

    1. Author

      Hi, I haven’t yet tried, but plan to do so if I get the chance. Thanks for the note!

  14. Looks amazing. Definitely will give it a try as I fell in love with Japanese cheesecake from a Toronto bakery.
    How did you prep your cake pan? Bottom lined with circle of parchment? Was the pan greased? If so, oil or butter?

    1. Author

      Hi Cath,
      I sprayed the pan with non-stick spray, the type that has flour already mixed in works well for baked goods. The bottom wasn’t lined with parchment paper.

  15. Hi, Will I be able to use half the ingredients and bake in a smaller tin? If so, what size tin if I half the recipe? Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Susan,
      I suppose you could, but it’s not that large a recipe to start with. A 6-inch pan might work if you halve the recipe.

  16. Followed recipe exact and it turned out beautiful! I am going to serve it with a strawberry rhubarb sauce and a dollop of sweetened whipped cream.

    1. That Sounds Excellent!!!!

  17. I am really looking forward to making this cheesecake I live in England so can’t get cake flour so can I use plain or self-raising flour , also is corn starch the same as corn flour . Thankyou for a wonderful cheesecake.

    1. Author

      Hi Joan,
      I believe corn flour over there is the same as corn starch over here. Not only is corn starch a thickening agent, it also makes for a tender crumb in cakes. In the U.S., when you say corn flour, it refers to a rough meal cut from corn which is not what you want for this recipe.

    2. You can make your own cake flour. Measure one cup all purpose flour and remove 2 tablespoons of it. Then add 2 tablespoons of corn starch to the remaining all purpose. This mixture must be sifted 3 to 4 times to mix completely

  18. Hi, the cake looks absolutely delicious. I tried baking it today and everything else was fine but it didn’t rise as much as yours. I think I beat the egg whites to soft peaks instead of medium. Could that be a reason? Or does it have to do with oven temperature or something else? Please help as I really want to make it perfect next time.

    1. Author

      Hi Shruti,
      It’s likely that your meringue was under whipped. Just whip the egg whites until they are very thick and glossy and that should be fine. Also, be careful when you fold the meringue into the cream cheese mixture so you end up with a light and airy batter.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. Will try it again soon (as everyone loved the taste) and hopefully it’ll turn out fluffy like yours.

  19. Hi
    What is the best setting for the oven?
    (Fan or top and bottom)

    1. Author

      Hi Anon,
      Ovens here do not typically come with a fan, so it’s hard to say. Also, standard ovens here come with the heating element at the bottom. The top element is only used for broiling. Baking anything defaults to the bottom heating element, at least in my case.

  20. Oh, the cheesecake looks so soft and fluffy and delicious I just can’t resist, I need to make it too!
    I have just a few questions regarding the storage. Can I make the cake one day early? Or will it lose its softness when I cover it with plastic wrap over night? Would you recommend to storage the cheesecake in the fridge or at room temperature?
    Thank you, can’t wait to make this one!

    1. Author

      Hi Ella,
      Yes, it’s ok to make the cake a day ahead. Just keep it covered and chilled.

  21. What is the purpose of cornstarch? Can it be omitted or substituted?

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah,
      Cornstarch is used just to ensure a tender cake. You can omit it if you want to but I would replace it with cake flour in the same amount.

  22. This is my first attempt at making this Japanese Cheesecake, it took quite a bit of time to prepare but I can’t wait to taste it. Thanks much for the recipe!

  23. Looking for a recipe called Miracle frosting, made with regular sugar, can’t remember what else. Very delicate, smooth. Any ideas?

    Regilynn Brissette
    1. Author

      Hi Regilynn,
      Yes, see the link in my earlier response. That might be what you are looking for.

  24. I have a request—a friend gave me a recipe for what she called “miracle frosting” no confectionary sugar, just regular sugar. Of course, that’s all I remember. It was light and so creamy. Any ideas what else was in it. THANKS!!

    Regilynn Brissette
  25. This was absolutely amazing! I dont usually comment for recipes, but this is officially my favourite recipe.
    I’ve already made the cake three times this month and as long as I follow your instructions to the letter, the cheesecake comes out incredible (I messed up the egg whites once and after reading your comments, fixed it the next time around). The cake has also been a complete hit with my family – I’m going to be making this at every occasion so wanted to say thank you for the great lovely cheesecake!

    1. Author

      Hi Deeksha,
      Glad to hear and thanks for stopping by!

  26. Hi ,
    tried this recipe today but my cake rose up so high and cracked..Any idea why?

    1. Author

      Hi Dhanusha,
      It’s possible your oven runs on the hot side. A cracked surface usually indicates a high temperature. If you don’t have an oven thermometer, try scaling down the temperature by a few degrees. Hope that helps.

  27. Made this cake today, and it turned out perfect, just like the pictures. I forgot to buy some more corn starch when I was at the grocery store so had to substitute flour 3:1. Mine rose really fast and started to crack, so I turned the temperature down to 310 after 45 minutes. Then turn off oven after 70 minutes. Let sit in oven with door shut for 25 minutes, then cracked it open for another 10 minutes. Cake just fell right out of the pan into my hand. Couldn’t wait to cool it, so ate a piece warm and it was very moist and airy. Perfect, delicate flavor. Will definitely make again.

    1. Author

      Thank you for sharing, Jackie!

    2. Hi Jackie. How did you substitute the corn starch? Im sorry I don’t understand what is flour 3:1 Thank you

  28. Hi. I made a couple of these today. The first one came out looking really nice – just like your pictures. I had the same issue as another poster in that my pan floated a bit, which made the cake lopsided – but that’s not a huge deal. I also have a convection oven though, and that apparently does make a big deal because although the cake looked really nice and felt springy to the touch, it was dry and crumbly and I did not think it would be crumbly at all. For the second one I used less water in the bath so it did not float, I turned the heat down to 300 for 60 min, then just shut it off, but I opened the door for a good 30 seconds to let off most allot of heat, then I left it for 45 min in the oven with the door closed. The second one was much more moist, not crumbly at all, but did not rise as much and was a good 1.5 inches shorter than the first. It looked really nice though – evenly browned and pulled away nicely too. I am thinking that to make this in a convection oven one needs to bake it about 310 between 50-60 min, then just shut it off altogether leaving the door closed. I want to try this again soon and try and get it right cause I absolutely love how this looks and if the second one’s texture was accurate enough then the taste is really awesome too. Just need to dress it up a bit and its major eye candy at any function! Any comments on the convection vrs standard oven variance appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the feedback and the great tips on the convection oven. Yes, the texture of the cake should come out moist yet spring to the touch. If you get a chance to make it again, try to circle back and let me know how it goes.
      Anyone who has a convection oven, or any type of oven, please feel free to chime in!

  29. Hey there- made this cake today and it turned out awesome. I want to make it again for my moms birthday; I’m wondering if I can flavor it with extracts or pastes? Or will that affect the cake somehow?

    1. Author

      Hi Ophelia,
      You can give it a try but that would change the flavor.

      1. Spread a very light coating of apricot jelly on top as a glaze, as is done in bakeries in Japan. Adds a bit more flavor and a little more sweetness.

  30. Has anyone tried replacing all or part of the sugar with a substitute like Stevia? I’m guessing some real sugar will be needed for caramelizing, but maybe half could be replaced?

    1. I used Stevia (same amount) on the batter but regular sugar on the meringue and it turned out really good. Not super sweet.

  31. Tries this and came out absolutely perfectly. Very few recipes that have great results or look like the pics! This one is a thumbs up for both

  32. Thank you for the way you organized your recipe. I LOVE that you kept the ingredients that are used at the same time (ex: sift these) together!!!

    1. I forgot to mention how delicious this recipe turn out..YUM!

      1. Author

        That’s great, Janet! Thanks and try to keep in touch.

  33. bake the cake today. turned awesome. will bake again tomorrow for office colleagues.
    thanks for great recipe. very easy to follow step by step. i melt the cream cheese and milk in double boiler though. thanks again. pinning it

  34. Hello Dear!
    Is the cake pan greased?
    Thank you for your answer = )

    1. Author

      Hi Angela,
      Yes, it is. See step 2 in the recipe box.

  35. Could you tell me if the pan cake is greased before pouring the batter please? Thanking you. Awesome pictures!!

    1. I read it at the top of the recipe *now*. Thanks!!

  36. Made this cake today. Turned out very nice. Added some chopped white chocolate pieces. Very decadent.. Very rich and lush. Hubby loves it. On 2nd piece right now. He asked if I could make another cake this week.
    Ah well it is Valentine’s Day after all.
    Thank you for sharing.

  37. Your cake looks amazing! I will be making this cake for sure, have one question before I do. You say to put it on the lowest rack in you oven near the heating element , I have a gas oven, does that make a differences ? Thank you for sharing your cake recipe with us .

    1. Author

      Hi Carrie,
      Yes, it might make a difference since my oven is electric. To be safe, try baking on the rack that you would usually use, likely the center.

  38. I put the pan on a rack inside another pot and added water. The cake pan started to float in the bain marie. If I added more water, it floated higher. So I just left it float in there. Is the photo wrong? It does not seem like the bottom would have the benefit of the bain marie without the rack, but the batter is not heavy enough to hold down the pan. It’s a PME 8 inch cake pan, 4 inches deep.

    Patricia Moreno
    1. Author

      Hi Patricia,
      You can do without the rack. I only used mine because it’s a set and it came with the pan.

  39. Esiste una ricetta italiana di questo dolce? Vorrei provarlo.

  40. Loved this cake! Followed the recipe to the T and it turned out perfect. Got a little wet because of the spring mold but otherwise perfect! Will be making this again = )

    1. Author

      Good to hear, Luis! If you use just a regular cake pan instead of a springform, you won’t have to worry about seepage.

  41. Would the cook time differ for a convection oven?

    1. Author

      Hi Martha,
      It likely would, but I don’t use a convection oven. My guess is you would just have to watch it and shorten the baking time.

  42. Why the cheesecake not high as yours ? I use square pan

    1. Author

      Hi Lyde,
      Square pans can hold more batter in terms of volume as opposed to round pans. So depending on the size of your pan, your batter likely had more room to spread out.

  43. Awesome recipe! I’ll try it tomorrow

  44. so nice…so good, i just made japanese gyôzas, after that i ‘ll try your cheesecake!thank you

  45. I have made this recipe twice in a week. One for home and one for my colleagues at work. Success all around.

    She who rules the stomach, rules the world!

    Andrée-Anne Gagné
    1. Author

      Hey Andree-Anne! Great to hear and thanks for the note.

  46. Your cake looks awesome!!!
    Hi,just wondering,which heating element should I use to bake this? Bottom or both? And for the bain marie, should the water be boiling hot or what? Thanks in advance ^^

    1. Author

      Hi, just the bottom heating element. If you use the top, that would be the broil setting. The water is hot as I heat it first in a kettle.

  47. Hi, could you tell me when you meant medium peaks, is that soft or stiff peaks? Mine was a little dense and I was wondering if it’s because I beat the meringue to stiff peaks?

    Thank you for your help,

    1. Author

      Hi Laura,
      The meringue should be glossy and thick. If you tilt the bowl, the meringue will stay put and should not spill out. The peaks, when you pull your whip out, should not flop. But on the other hand, they do not have to be too rigid either. The tiny air bubbles that make up the meringue should still be able to expand in the oven. If the meringue is whipped to stiff peaks, the air bubbles have almost reached their maximum size so once in the oven, there will be a tendency to burst and deflate.

  48. I made it but it ended up very flat and denst nothing like the pictures. What went wrong?

    1. Author

      Hi Avivit,
      I wonder if your egg whites were whipped properly? This cake will rely entirely on the whipped egg whites for leavening. Before whipping egg whites make sure your bowl and wire whip were washed in hot, sudsy water to remove any remnants of oil or grease. Then assuming the meringue was whipped properly, you have to fold it gently into the cream cheese mixture to retain as much of the aeration as possible. When you fold, take your rubber spatula down through the bowl and bring the batter up folding over the meringue in a J motion, repeating until the meringue is incorporated. Also fold in the meringue in 3 parts. Before the cake is even baked, you will already know if your batter is right when it is very fluffy. Hope that helps and try to keep in touch.

  49. Hi, I am going to make this for Xmas Day as a light dessert for those who don’t want Christmas Pud.
    You specify cake flour….is this plain flour, self raising flour, or sponge cake flour (Finer)

    1. Author

      Hi Pat,
      I would think cake flour over here which has a very low gluten content would be the equivalent of your sponge cake flour.

  50. Thanks for the recipe and can’t wait to try it tonight = )
    My only concern is, when I turn off the oven and the cake is on its cooling period inside the oven, do I have to remove it from the water bath or will I just leave it untouched on top of the water bath from 30-45 min (door closed)?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie, you don’t have to remove the cake from the water bath as it cools in the oven. Just leave it as is.

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