1. Why the cheesecake not high as yours ? I use square pan

    1. Author

      Hi Lyde,
      Square pans can hold more batter in terms of volume as opposed to round pans. So depending on the size of your pan, your batter likely had more room to spread out.

  2. Awesome recipe! I’ll try it tomorrow

  3. so nice…so good, i just made japanese gyôzas, after that i ‘ll try your cheesecake!thank you

  4. I have made this recipe twice in a week. One for home and one for my colleagues at work. Success all around.

    She who rules the stomach, rules the world!

    1. Author

      Hey Andree-Anne! Great to hear and thanks for the note.

  5. Your cake looks awesome!!!
    Hi,just wondering,which heating element should I use to bake this? Bottom or both? And for the bain marie, should the water be boiling hot or what? Thanks in advance ^^

    1. Author

      Hi, just the bottom heating element. If you use the top, that would be the broil setting. The water is hot as I heat it first in a kettle.

  6. Hi, could you tell me when you meant medium peaks, is that soft or stiff peaks? Mine was a little dense and I was wondering if it’s because I beat the meringue to stiff peaks?

    Thank you for your help,

    1. Author

      Hi Laura,
      The meringue should be glossy and thick. If you tilt the bowl, the meringue will stay put and should not spill out. The peaks, when you pull your whip out, should not flop. But on the other hand, they do not have to be too rigid either. The tiny air bubbles that make up the meringue should still be able to expand in the oven. If the meringue is whipped to stiff peaks, the air bubbles have almost reached their maximum size so once in the oven, there will be a tendency to burst and deflate.

  7. I made it but it ended up very flat and denst nothing like the pictures. What went wrong?

    1. Author

      Hi Avivit,
      I wonder if your egg whites were whipped properly? This cake will rely entirely on the whipped egg whites for leavening. Before whipping egg whites make sure your bowl and wire whip were washed in hot, sudsy water to remove any remnants of oil or grease. Then assuming the meringue was whipped properly, you have to fold it gently into the cream cheese mixture to retain as much of the aeration as possible. When you fold, take your rubber spatula down through the bowl and bring the batter up folding over the meringue in a J motion, repeating until the meringue is incorporated. Also fold in the meringue in 3 parts. Before the cake is even baked, you will already know if your batter is right when it is very fluffy. Hope that helps and try to keep in touch.

  8. Hi, I am going to make this for Xmas Day as a light dessert for those who don’t want Christmas Pud.
    You specify cake flour….is this plain flour, self raising flour, or sponge cake flour (Finer)

    1. Author

      Hi Pat,
      I would think cake flour over here which has a very low gluten content would be the equivalent of your sponge cake flour.

  9. Thanks for the recipe and can’t wait to try it tonight = )
    My only concern is, when I turn off the oven and the cake is on its cooling period inside the oven, do I have to remove it from the water bath or will I just leave it untouched on top of the water bath from 30-45 min (door closed)?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie, you don’t have to remove the cake from the water bath as it cools in the oven. Just leave it as is.

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