1. Hello, I was wanting to use the Salted Caramel SMBC to frost some cupcakes. Would you happen to know approximately how many cupcakes this recipe will frost?


    1. Author

      Hi Michelle,
      Depending on how high you pipe the buttercream, I would say at least three dozen cupcakes, likely more.

  2. This cake looks amazing!! Silly question do you frost the layers while they are frozen?

    1. Author

      Hi Tiffany,
      Most often I do frost the layers when they are still very cold, to avoid crumbs.

  3. Hi can you advise how I could include peanut butter in the banana cake recipe? I’m in love with this cake for my sons graduation but I’m the banana fan– he likes chocolate and pb!
    If not, maybe pb frosting swirls?!

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for the note. You could use peanut butter frosting if you prefer. I haven’t tried adding peanut butter to the cake itself. It would work, but I would have to test the proportions first.

  4. Holy cow what a cake! Looks like something straight out of a bakery = )

  5. One word: Woaw !
    Your blog is beautiful !
    Bravo !

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