Retro Vanilla Cake


I call this a retro vanilla cake because I love anything vintage, anything from the past.  Add to that watching old movies, shopping in antique stores and poring through old magazines.  My grandmother once kept a huge stack of magazines she subscribed to back in the 1930’s through the 1950’s, such as McCall’s, Good Housekeeping and many others.  It seemed like she kept every single one of those magazines.  Each of those editions is a time capsule, leafing through the pages was like going through a time warp.  How different the world was back then, so idealized and so fascinating.  You get the impression a woman’s world revolved around being the perfect housewife, serving up the perfect pot roast and hosting a full course dinner for 10 at the last minute, all this while looking perfect working in her spotless kitchen in her high heels and petticoat.  I love it!  It was, and I guess still is, a fantasy to aspire for perfection.  We always want to be able to do everything, be a mom, wife and have the perfect home, to whip up the perfect meal and be able to juggle all these with your job.

The color in old magazines was different in that it took more on pastel hues; same with old 1950’s movies.  The color was light, not very intense.  For me, the look of this cake harks back to the 50’s.  The pastel color reminds me of what seemed to be the popular color schemes in those days—light aqua, jadeite green, sunshine yellow.  It’s the very same cake recipe and frosting I used in my Strawberry Cream Cake, only this time I used a chocolate frosting to fill it, the same frosting I used in my Chocolate Fudge Frosted Sugar Cookies.  Just about two drops of gel color blue were enough to tint the whipped cream frosting.  I made this cake fully made up and perfectly coiffed with an apron around my waist wearing high heels and a petticoat—right, on the apron that is.


The perfect homemaker always keeps a well stocked refrigerator.









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