1. Can this recipe be cut in half?

    1. Author

      Hi Carla,
      It’s possible. Just make sure to weigh everything including the egg whites.

  2. These look awesome! Do you put the batter in multiple bags to prevent over working the batter?

    1. Author

      Hi Cara,
      Yes, I divided the batter among four large piping bags.

  3. Looks really good and will try this. How about if I just want to bake plain macarons (no color). Would the recipe be the same at 246g almond flour and 246g powdered sugar? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Minnie,
      I haven’t really tried baking just plain macarons, but I would say if you want to bake them plain, add 20g more to the almond flour and 20g more as well to the powdered sugar, then omit the freeze dried fruit. Keep the rest of the ingredients the same, without the food color. I’ll give this a try myself if I get a chance.
      Update: I’ve tested it and it works great. Again, to make plain macarons, omit the freeze dried fruit and add 20g more to the almond flour and 205 more to the powdered sugar.

  4. How many bags of the dried fruit did you need? They’re so expensive

    1. Author

      Hi Ken,
      They sure are. Whole Foods now has a generic brand of freeze-dried fruit that’s slightly cheaper. I processed around 3 bags all at once and kept the powder in glass containers so they were ready when I needed them. About 2 bags would be slightly more than enough for one recipe.

  5. I love yous page! you can visit mine if you want it!

    1. Author

      Hi, will do. Thanks!

  6. What a work ! Bravo !
    Wonderful pictures, colors, ideas …
    I keep the idea to use dried fruits. Very interesting.
    Have a nice week.

  7. Wow, these are beautiful! I’ve always been kid of scared to make macaroons, but maybe I’ll take the plunge soon!

    1. Author

      Thanks, I have to say making them can be quite addictive.

  8. Wow, these look perfect! And I love that you turned macarons into flags = )

  9. These look perfect!!! I love how you flavored the shells instead of just the filling! Such a genius idea!

      1. Do you have a recipe for non-flavored shells? Thanks and great site here.

        1. Author

          Hi Minnie,
          As mentioned earlier, I haven’t had a chance to make plain shells, but try omitting the freeze dried fruit, then add 20g more to the almond meal/flour and 20g more to the powdered sugar. Leave out the optional food coloring as well. I will try it out myself if I get a chance and circle back. Thanks!

          1. Author

            Hi Minnie,
            Here’s an update. I tried it out a couple of weeks ago. I baked a batch of plain shells, no flavor and it turned out great. Again, just omit the freeze dried fruit and add 20g more to the almond meal and 20g more to the powdered sugar.

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