1. you do incredible work!!!!!

  2. This is just WOWWW!!!
    What nozzle did U used to achieve that gorgeous effect?

    1. Author

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks. I think I used a small star tip, 21, but really any small star tip will work. Just pipe a small amount and see if the effect is ok, and if not, you can easily scrape it off and use another star tip.

  3. So beautiful….good job! 🙂

  4. Sucha a beautiful cake.. can you please tell where to get the graduating cake pans from? I would love to make this for my daughter.. thanks so much!

    1. Author

      Hi and thanks! I found the fluted cake pans in Sur La Table. The largest, which is 8″ in diameter is quite deep. As a precaution, to make sure the cake baked all the way through, I placed a rose nail in the center of the greased pan before I poured in the batter. Make sure to also grease the rose nail. A rose nail is a metal tool that’s actually used for piping roses. It cost only about $5 in the craft store. The smaller size pans will bake just fine without the rose nail as they are not that deep. I’ll probably post a tutorial on this when I get a chance. Best regards!

      1. Thank you so much.. I’m looking forward to the tutorial. I really appreciate it.

  5. this is beautiful!

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