1. First off the cake and frosting taste amazing! The main issue I had with the recipe is the beet puree – my cake is not red at all, but maybe a slight rose color. Also it seems like there isn’t enough cocoa powder for this recipe, although the cake is delicious, it’s missing that subtle chocolate taste that red velvet cakes usually have. After looking at other recipes, it seems like the amount of cocoa powder required for this recipe is far less that what is normally used.

    1. Author

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for the feedback. Not sure why your cake turned out pale because each time I tested the recipe, the color imparted by the beets was pretty intense. As for the cocoa powder, you can adjust that to your preference, but I found that a smaller amount made for a better shade of red.

  2. For the beetroot puree, do you include the water from the baking dish? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Linda,
      No, don’t include the water. Once the beets are baked and tender, just remove them from the baking dish and puree them in the food processor.

  3. Hello I am wanting to make naturally red velvet cupcakes for my wedding with the big cake on top to cut. How full would I do the muffin tins and how long/what temp would I cook for please? Your cake looks wonderful.

    1. Author

      Hi Linda,
      I would bake medium size cupcakes for 20 – 25 minutes.

  4. How do your cakes come out so flat without a dome?

    1. Author

      Hi Annie,
      I just level them off with a serrated knife if they come out slightly domed.

  5. This cake looks amazing. I am gonna make it for my family. Thank you

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