1. Hi, just found your recipe and want to give it a try. Can I substititute fresh lemon juice for extract? If so, what would be the equivalent measure?

    Florence Kubota
    1. Author

      Hi Florence,
      Yes, you can use fresh lemon juice instead of extract. I would go with 3 teaspoons of lemon juice.

  2. Hi,

    I use the 17″ tube pan for the cake, any adjustment on the reciept ?


    1. Author

      Hi Cherry,
      Honestly, I’ve never heard of a 17-inch tube pan. But if you do have one, I would just use the recipe the way it is. The cake will come out shorter than if you use a pan with a smaller diameter.

  3. Hi Sugarywinzy,

    If my tube pan is around 17 cm, any adjustment on the receipt?

    1. Author

      Hi Cherry,
      Oh, I see, you meant 17 centimeters, not 17″. So 17 cm would be just about 7″, or a smaller tube pan. Try using half of the recipe.

  4. hello! i just wanna ask if can i just use ordinary baking pan like 8″ round pan and not tube pan? tnx

    1. Author

      When I don’t use a tube pan, I use 3 springform pans so that I can still invert the cakes. See my Coffee Chiffon Shamrock Cake post where I used 3 round pans. I suppose you can also use regular baking pans but you would have to line the bottom of the pans with parchment paper to prevent sticking.

  5. Must bookmark this recipe of yours. Your chiffon cake looks so beautiful, with no cracks at all. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if I can make this cake in a bundt pan. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Meg,
      I haven’t tried baking it in a bundt pan. I think the nature of chiffon batter requires using a pan that does not have a non-stick coating to allow the cake to cling to the sides of the pan and rise.

  7. i like baking i will be trying this nice one

    1. Author

      Hi Dephine!

  8. hi! is your cake get harder when it in the frige?

    1. Author

      Hi, I haven’t tried storing chiffon cakes in the fridge. I only keep them in room temperature under a cake dome.

  9. Hi,

    What flour do you use? Self Raising or Plain?


    1. Author

      Hi! I use all-purpose flour.

      1. Does that contain a raising agent? I’ve never seen all-purpose.

      2. Author

        Hi again! No, all-purpose flour doesn’t contain a raising agent. It’s just regular flour you can buy in the supermarket. Note it’s different from cake flour and bread flour. Ask the supermarket customer service if you’re not sure.


      3. Hiya,

        I did some googling and worked out that its what we call plain flour in the uk 🙂

        Cake is cooling as I type – smells delicious!

        Thank you

      4. Author

        That’s great!

  10. Wonderful!

    1. Author

      Hi there!

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