1. I would just like to verify something. From what I can see when this cake is cut to serve there is only a plain blue field in the one corner. Then, before its served to the individual the stars are piped on as each cut it made and removed from the whole cake. Do I have it correct?

    1. Author

      Hi Pamela,
      Yes, that’s right.

  2. Thank you for this amazingly creative presentation. How did you cut it so clean, so that the filling and colors didn’t run on each other. I am going to try this very soon.

    1. Author

      Hi Liz,
      The layers are filled with apricot jam and its color is quite clear so it makes for clean slices.

  3. Would it work to put store bought hard candy frosting star-like shapes between blue layers for stars?

    1. Author

      Hi Sheryl,
      That’s a great idea and might work if the candy doesn’t melt during baking. I wonder, though, if you would be able to slice cleanly through the hard candy.

  4. I love this cake and will try to make it next year; it’s too late (close to the Fourth) to get it organized for this year. I cook for an Aids facility and the residents love things like this. I’ve made red, white, and blue cakes using a checkerboard cake set that I inherited from my mother. The set must be 70 years old and has made one heck of a lot of whimsical cakes. This takes it to a whole new level, though. Thank you!
    (psst: Did you really mean “circumspect”?)

    1. Author

      Hi Joan,
      Sounds like a lot of fun being able to bake for a crowd! Yes, I meant circumspect in the sense that I wanted to be careful so as to make the steps easy to understand. Best regards!

  5. I usually do a red, white and blue cake for July 4th. I have seen many variations and styles, but this is the best flag cake ever. It is worth the extra effort to get the clean layer/stripes and use the paste food color for bold colors (not a turquoise field for the stars) Thank you for sharing your recipe and techniques.

    1. Author

      Hi Mary,

  6. I love this cake and I want to try making a shorter one for our family get together. I am new to this so please don’t think my question is silly. You said put jam between layers; why do you do that? Do I have to use jam? I don’t like it.

    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Melody,
      Thanks for your note! You most certainly can use anything you want to fill the cake. This is the only time I used jam because I wanted the lines of the stripes to be as clean as possible, and if I used frosting, which I typically do with other cakes, I thought no matter how careful I was, it would still be visible and might detract from the red and white effect that I was after. But any white frosting would also work as a filling.

  7. I absolutely love this cake! I found it on Pinterest, and will definitely be checking out the rest of your blog here. I love to bake, and can’t wait to try out this cake. My nephew just got back from deployment, and he’ll be able to come home for the 4th this year, so I may try my hand at this then. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial and pictures!

    1. Author

      Hi Emily,
      Thanks for your note and to your nephew for his service.

  8. I have one question. How much would your husband charge to make me a keyhole cookie/cake cutter like the one he made for you? Aesthetically the triangle slice is not going to work for me as I am a bit of a perfectionist..lol

    Seriously interested baker:-)

    1. Author

      Hi Tamika,

      LOL, the improvised keyhole cookie cutter my husband made, honestly, isn’t worth anything, I would never charge anyone for that. I ordered the metal strip kit from Amazon. The kit is called “Make Your Own Cookie Cutters.” My husband says it’s really easy. I made a sketch of what I wanted based on an 8″ pan. The diameter of the circular part of the keyhole is about 2″. The usable length which is the size of what I wanted the cutouts to be is about 5″, but the entire length of the cutter is about 7.5″. I place the cutter about 5″ from the edge of a cake layer, so that’s why I say 5″ usable length. I gave the sketch to him and he just made the cutter out of the metal strip and secured it with duct tape. Hope that helps.

  9. If I made this cake the 13 layers with store bought cake mix how much cake mix would I need? I love the wacky that looks.

    1. Author

      Hi Brittney,

      I’m just going to take a guess here since I’ve never used cake mix to bake any type of cake. Roughly calculate how many layers you can make out of one mix. My guess would be around 3? I’m not sure how tall those layers would be, but I’m guessing if you can stretch the batter of one mix to 7 layers, then you would need 3 boxes of cake mix, one box for each color. If the batter from one box of mix is not enough for 7 layers, you could either use smaller pans to get taller layers or just double the mix so that you use two boxes per color, for a total of 6 boxes for the entire cake. Again, that’s just a guess because I have no idea how much batter one box of cake mix will yield. Or here’s another thought. You can also use white buttercream to represent the white stripes of the flag so that all you will need would be the red and blue layers; doing so wouldn’t require as many boxes of cake mix.

      1. I think 1 cake mix for each color would work as the layers are thin. You could bake as a two layer cake and divide with a cake leveler. The odd number of layers would require pouring a little more batter in one pan than the other. Then cut the shorter one into 3 and the taller one into 4 layers. This would eliminate the need to weigh and divide the batter before baking, and the layers would be very even.

        Baking the entire mix in one 3″ tall pan would be ideal but difficult to get it done in the middle. You would have to reduce the oven temp 25° and increase baking and cooling times considerably. (I’ve tried this before so allow plenty of time.)

      2. Author

        Yep! Thank you, Allison, for the great ideas.

  10. While there is no way I could personally make this cake…it is the most adorable cake I have ever seen. Flag cakes 1 and 2 are also so cute!! It has been the best thing I have looked at all day 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

    1. Author

      Thank you. It’s really not that hard if you start out with a short cake. I just have this fixation on getting all the stripes of the flag in the cake, but I think next time I’ll make fewer layers.

  11. I really want to make this for my brother-in-law who just got home from a deployment! His homecoming party is on July 4th. I’m a little intimidated though. I’ve seen a few tutorials that you’ve made. Is this your favorite? Does the jam affect the taste? Do you think red velvet would work, too? How do you freeze a layer without it affecting the taste? Your icing is so perfect! 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Ashley,
      I like making flag cakes because it’s always fun looking at the design once you slice the cake, but I do have to say if you are going for 13 layers to make the 13 stripes of the flag, it would be time consuming as it is a triple recipe. If you do decide to make a flag cake, you can always make fewer layers. I can’t say it’s my favorite as I like making a lot of things. The taste was okay if you like jam. I used apricot jam because it was the lightest color I could find and I wanted the layers to look sharp. Also, if I had used buttercream to fill the layers, then I might have run out of it to cover the cake. I suppose apple jelly would work too since it’s light colored.

      Red velvet would also work for the red layers. I only provided my recipe as reference, but definitely, if you have a favorite recipe then use that. Freezing will not affect the flavor at all. I let the layers cool in the pan, then turn them out and wrap them in saran wrap. Then I place the layers in round plastic food containers. If anything, freezing makes the cake layers sturdier and you will have fewer crumbs when frosting the cake.

      That’s really remarkable about your brother-in-law coming back from deployment. I have great respect and admiration for those who serve in the military. Regards!

      1. Strawberry jam would work well between the red and white layers as it would match the red layer each time. Don’t know how that would work between the blue layers.

      2. Author

        Thank you. Agree on the strawberry jam and that would be really good. Could use light colored jam between the blue layers.

    2. In lieu of apricot jam, try using seedless raspberry or a cherry jam for the filling. This way you won’t be taking away from the design itself. I make a seedless raspberry filling I found on cakecentral.com. What isn’t used on cake, keep it for a spread on toast. It’s yummy!

      1. Author

        That sounds good!

  12. Wow, this is a pure amazing creation! Love all the colours and the creativity.

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  13. This is amazing. Simply amazing. Lots of hard work and love for a breathtaking cake. Great job!

    Erika Beth, the Messy Chef
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