Flag Cake

This is a flag cake I actually made last year, not in July, which is when one would normally bake such a cake, but late in the year.  It’s my go-to vanilla cake recipe frosted with vanilla frosting.  The star decorations are made from marshmallow fondant.

This clever idea of a cake was started by 17 and baking.  Many beautiful flag cakes have since been made which can be found online, and that’s because it really is such a fun project.  Once you bake one, you’ll surely bake another, which I did, but that’s for another post.




All of these photos were taken with a tiny pocket camera that fit in the palm of my hand.






Here are the basic directions in making the cake.  Just double any vanilla or white cake recipe if you prefer more layers.

  • Divide cake batter into three bowls
  • Using food coloring, color one bowl blue, one red and the last layer will remain white
  • Bake according to recipe, so you will end up with a one layer each of blue, red and white cake
  • Using a cake slicer or serrated knife, slice the red and white layers horizontally in half
  • So now you should have one 2” blue layer, two red layers about 1” each and two white layers about 1” each
  • Set one white and one red layer aside, those will be the bottom two stripes of the flag
  • Now stack the blue layer, one white layer and one red layer on top of each other
  • Using a sharp, serrated knife, cut a circle in the middle of all three layers.  If your cake layers are 8” in diameter, use a 4” bowl or cookie cutter as your guide for the circle
  • What you will need is the outer ring of blue and the inner circles of red and white.  Keep the blue inner ring and outer red and white rings in the freezer for some other project.
  • To assemble the cake, frost the bottom two layers.  Set the uncut white layer on a plate and spread with frosting
  • Top with the red uncut layer.  Spread the uncut red layer with frosting then set the blue ring on top of it
  • Using a spatula, spread a very thin layer of frosting around the inside edge of the blue ring.  This will hold the blue layer and the two top stripes together.
  • Place the white inner circle inside the ring of blue, on top of the red uncut layer
  • Frost, and top with the red inner circle, then frost the entire cake
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