1. Will this work with three 7 inch pans?

    1. Author

      Hi Renee,
      Yes, it would. If you make the whole recipe, you will have left over batter that you can bake as cupcakes. Alternatively, you can just make half a recipe if you don’t want to have excess batter.

  2. The cake is amazing how do you cut and serve a cake that size

    1. Author

      Hi, you could slice it both vertically and horizontally if you like.

  3. Hi!

    What a lovely cake. Can I substitute the mayo with canola/ any vegetable oil? If so how many ml?

    1. Author

      Hi Sofia,
      It’s possible but it’s something that has to be tested first to get the right proportion.

  4. Wow, what a stunning cake! I love the idea of a “naked” cake – and it sounds like the perfect treat for my boyfriend, who thinks that traditional cakes have too much frosting for the amount of cake. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Author

      Hi, thanks!

  5. Love how perfect your layers came out! I am finding myself drawn to naked cakes now as a lot of frosting techniques look nice, but they always use too much frosting!

    Kacey @ The Cookie Writer
    1. Author

      Hi Kacey,
      Yes, it’s one good way of cutting down on frosting, not to mention time.

  6. This cake is gorgeous! I love how neat and clean all the layers look. Raspberries are my favorite as well =)

    Kathleen @ Yummy Crumble
    1. Author

      Hi Kathleen,

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