1. Love the cake and your bag!

    1. Author

      Thanks, and thanks too for stopping by!

  2. really like the look of this cake, Im going to make it for my husbands Birthday. can the frosting be make ahead of time?

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      Hi Robin,
      Yes, just keep it in an airtight container. If you are making it one day ahead, just leave it at room temperature.

  3. I made the Cherry chocolate chip layer as one layer with the cherry buttercream between that layer and the next layer. Subbed a chocolate cherry -flavored layer for a top layer along with a chocolate cherry flavored frosting for the exterior. Got rave reviews from office yesterday on entire cake but especially the cherry chip layer. I called the cake a deconstructed chocolate-covered cherry. One of my co-workers said I could quit my job and just bake and sell that cake for Valentine’s Day. People were still especially raving about that layer today. Sugary Winzy, your cake was such an inspiration!’m going to have to make it again using just the cherry chip layers! Loved your frosting design! Thanks for the post!

    Georgette Pearce
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      Hi Georgette,
      Thank you for the note and I’m so glad to hear you and your friends liked it!

  4. HELP!!! RIGHT NOW, im making frosting and are you SURE i heat 3/4 cup and 2tbs milk and THEN add 8cups powered sugar?? Help

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      Hi Heather,
      You are referring to the chocolate frosting. Yes, you heat the milk in a saucepan. Make sure your pot is large enough to contain the powdered sugar. Whisk the milk in the saucepan until hot and there are small bubbles in the surface, then remove the pot from the heat and dump all the sugar in it. Whisk until it is smooth and free of lumps and cooled down. Then beat the butter in your stand mixer until smooth, add the salt, then pour in the milk and sugar mixture. Beat until smooth then add the melted chocolate and vanilla extract. Then beat the frosting until smooth and shiny.

  5. hey kristy, when u say just vanilla in the chocolate frosting, do you mean the vanilla extract or? and btw lovely cake, I’m gonna make it (or at least try) for my sisters return home =)

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      Hi Tamila,
      Yes, it’s vanilla extract.

  6. Please give directions how to ice and decorate this cake.

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      Hi Kristy,
      I started out by filling two icing bags, one with pink frosting and the other with chocolate. I used a flat icing tip for both bags. Then basically, I just made an outline starting at the top center of the cake to make alternating triangles of pink and chocolate, 4 triangles per color, for a total of 8 on top of the cake. Then I followed that outline that was on top of the cake down the sides of the cake. After that, I filled each space alternating pink and chocolate frosting and used a small offset spatula to spread it evenly. Then I piped chocolate frosting using a medium star tip over the seams where each color meets for a cleaner finish. Use the same star tip to pipe the bottom border of the cake. Finally, to top the cake, I used a large star tip to pipe pink frosting holding the bag at a 90 degree angle towards the cake, and topped that with a cherry. I hope that helps. Feel free to let me know if you need more info.

  7. Wow! What a lovely cake and it looks delicious! I love the cherry and chocolate frosting decoration , I think I would do that same.

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      Thank you!

  8. Love everything about this cake…the flavor combo, the decoration and the photographs are all just awesome! I like the purse too 😉

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      Hi there!

  9. the chocolate and cherries sound delish and the way you decorated it is lovely!

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      Thanks, Dina.

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