1. Ok so I can add flavor extracts to change flavors. Can I roll them out for cut outs? Im wanting to try to make decorated cookies with royal icing like on Food Network.

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa,
      Yes, you can roll out the dough and use cookie cutters.

    1. Author

      Hi Susan, yes, that’s right. No eggs.

  2. hii

  3. I just tried this recipe and omg did it ever make a lot! Thank you so much my Christmas party will be a blast.

    1. Author

      Hi Carol,
      Glad to hear it worked out! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. I only have 4 sticks of unsalted butter. Will a stick of vegetable oil spread alter the dough recipe?

    Bridgett Johnson
    1. Author

      Hi Bridgett,
      It would likely work so I’d say go for it.

  5. Can this dough be refrigerated or frozen if made ahead of time?

    1. Author

      Yes, cookie dough freezes well. Just let it thaw just enough so you can easily work it.

  6. It looks Awesome and I will try it out.

  7. do you think these would taste ok plain?

    1. Author

      Hi Karissa,
      Yes, it would be ok to just bake the basic cookie dough flavored with vanilla extract or whatever extract you prefer.

  8. fantastic collection of sugary yummies. My only question: how come you do not seem to gain weight eating all that? :))

    1. Author

      Hi Liya, I think it’s just the actual process of baking that I enjoy the most. I mostly just give away what I bake.

  9. Is there an adjustment for high altitude as I live over 6,000 Ft?

    1. Author

      Hi Kathleen,
      Though I’ve never tried baking at that high an altitude, I know it can be quite a challenge. Try reducing the amount of sugar by 1 tablespoon and also adding about 10 – 15 degrees Fahrenheit to the oven temperature. Also, deduct about 5 minutes from the bake time. Hope this helps.

  10. I did not expect this recioe to be so good…i tryed it and i had the best penutbutter cookie that everybody like…

    1. Author

      Hi Fofo,
      Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear.

  11. Wait Wait Wait — What about baking powder… Soda???

    The Cookie Crafter
    1. Author

      Hi Cookie Crafter,
      Thanks for the note. No baking powder or baking soda for this recipe.

  12. Most kitchen scales have a tare function. You shouldn’t have to weigh the bowl and subtract the weight.

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole,
      Imagine that you proceed to make the dough in your mixing bowl. And now you have the mixing bowl filled with dough. If you place this on the weighing scale and tare it down to zero, it will merely give you zero and not the weight of the dough. In order to get the net weight, that is the weight of just the dough, I had to weigh my bowl when it was empty before I made the cookie dough. Then subtract the weight of the bowl from the gross weight of the bowl + the dough to get just the weight of the dough. Now, if you remove the dough out of the bowl in which it was mixed and place it in a second clean bowl, then the tare method would work because you can tare the second bowl to zero before you move the dough in it. But that’s only if you want to end up with two bowls to wash instead of just one. But do whatever works for you. I am merely explaining how I did it.

  13. Hi, my daughter is getting marry in July and she wants me to bake cookies. I do like to bake but I am not a baker far from it. Anyway I came across your page and I love the idea of making different cookies with just one dough. Problem is no scale to weight the dough. Also can you give me an idea for wedding cookies and can they be made in advance to save time, and how to store. As you can see I am not a baker buy she wants cookies from me. I guest she is remembering her child hood days. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Madeline,
      You can divide the all in one cookie dough without a weighing scale if you roll the dough into a long log then measure the length with a ruler then divide it by 5. If you are looking for suggestions for wedding cookies, the cookie cups filled with chocolate come to mind. They are really cute and pretty easy to make. I also have another post, Chocolate Cookie Cups, that’s made from a different recipe. It’s very similar and equally cute. Hope that helps.

  14. HELP! I loved the pictures and the recipe for the all in one cookie dough =) I think I might of accedently added to much flour. Can I save this crumbly mess I have some how?

    1. Author

      Hi Alysia,
      It’s always good to measure out your ingredients first before starting so you know you have the exact measurements. To save the dough that you have, first try beating the dough on medium to medium high speed with a flat beater for a few minutes until the dough comes together. If it still doesn’t come together, try adding a tablespoon or two of butter and beat some more. Hope that helps.

  15. Dear i am first time here and amazed with the cookies. My kids will jump on them. my God i only think about this kind of thing. i am going to try them soon.


    1. Author

      Hi Madhu,

      1. Hi dear im baking pinwheel biscuits today and my next mission is adorable cup cookies :), please tell me we roll the cup Doug in regular sugar or granulated sugar?
        Your recipes are superb good luck dear.
        Pakizah wasim

      2. Author

        Hi Pakizah,
        You roll the dough of the adorable cookie cups in regular, white granulated sugar. The same kind of sugar that you would use in just about anything.

      3. Thanks dear,
        Love u

      4. Author

        Best regards, Pakizah. Try to keep in touch.

  16. The picture on Foodgawker drew me to your blog. Great idea and fantastic results!

    1. Author

      Hi Shelly,

    2. I wish that I can make some, but we might need to go buy some and I also want to share those cookies with families, friends, and people, if they like it then I could make more for them like if they were like my famliies

  17. This is just brilliant! I will definitely try this out for the festive season. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Angie,

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