Almond Cashew Dacquoise is Sans Rival

SugaryWinzy Almond Cashew Dacquoise is Sans Rival

I have a weakness for nuts, particularly almonds and cashews, so I combined both to make this almond cashew dacquoise, also known as sans rival.  I’ve always thought of dacquoise, or sans rival, as the mother of all desserts.  Once you taste it, you’ll see why it’s called sans rival.  It’s a dessert so delicious and special it truly lives up to its name.  There is a notion that dacquoise is difficult to make, but it’s no different than baking a cake.  I use a simple technique that ensures all those crisp dacquoise layers remain intact and easy to handle. Continue reading

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Mini Pinwheel Candy Cane Butter Cookies

SugaryWinzy Mini Pinwheel Candy Cane Butter Cookies

I made mini pinwheel and candy cane shaped cookies out of one extremely easy and delicious butter cookie recipe, and I have to say they turned out very festive looking.  Shaping the cookie dough into candy canes brings out the inner child in you as it’s very much like playing with play dough.  So have fun making these cookies if you decide to give it a go, you can even ask the kids to help you out.  Continue reading

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Apple Pie with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Crumb Topping a la mode

SugaryWinzy Apple Pie with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Crumb Topping a la mode

Delicious, homemade apple pie brings to mind warmth, comfort, happiness, family and wonderful memories— apple pie is home.  Homemade apple pie is love.  I’ve been baking apple pies one after the other lately, both old-fashioned and with crumb topping topped a la mode with a fantastic, easy homemade cinnamon ice cream and drizzled with homemade caramel sauce.  The pies were simply delicious, with crusts that were perfectly flaky.  Apple pie is simply my family’s favorite, something they can never get enough of. Continue reading

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Almond Cream Bundt Cake

SugaryWinzy Almond Cream Bundt Cake

Bundt cakes come out looking pretty good direct from the pan so little else needs to be done in the way of decorating, save for a dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of quick glaze.  So I baked this delicious, easy to make almond cream bundt cake; generous enough to feed a crowd. Continue reading

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Chocolate Beehive and Rose Flower Cupcakes

SugaryWinzy Chocolate Beehive and Rose Flower Cupcakes

These luscious chocolate beehive and rose flower cupcakes are definitely the bee’s knees.  If I had to choose one favorite cupcake, it would be these delicious chocolate beehive cupcakes.  They were as much fun to make as they were to eat.  I first planned to make all beehive cupcakes, and then later decided I needed flowers to go with the bees.  So I set aside a few of the cupcakes to pipe flowers on.  The flower cupcakes were pretty good too, topped with a coffee-flavored buttercream. Continue reading

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